Our services

Enabling new business models

We add value to energy data. We use Artificial Intelligence to dis-aggregate sensor and smart-meter data. We profile individual energy demand, understand conditions of electronic devices and individual demand patterns.

Gamification of electricity demand

We built an interactive communication channel to households and SMEs in order to optimize demand. We provide transparent and actionable information on supply and carbon footprint in order to shift demand.

Forecast & Monitoring

We provide high-resolution and reliable information on current and future demand hot spots and bottlenecks. We enable flexibility in low-voltage or micro grids via end-consumers demand flexibility.



Households, Building Owners and SMEs receive high resolution and actionable information on energy usage and CO2 footprint.


We reward users to shift consumption. This increases energy efficiency, provides flexibility and reduces CO2 footprint.


Users get value-added services through our shop-in-shop solution which increases customer satisfaction.


Data Platform

We are a consumer-centric energy data platform. We provide added-value and in-depth data services on sensors & Smart Meter data to enable future energy markets.

API First

We provide a white-labelling app or an API for electricity suppliers to introduce our solution in their customer experience. Our technology runs in the background and provides value to our customers objectives.

Rewards for Green Energy

We turn energy markets upside down and make demand follow renewable supply. Customers receive a bonus for individual load shifts to times of higher renewable energy in the grid.


APX by Axel Springer and Porsche is a cross-industry early-stage investor and startup accelerator offering a tailormade venture program. rvolt joined APX in June 2019 and is part of the PropTech program track by APX and the AVIV Group.

Entrepreneur First brings together extraordinary people to build startups from scratch. rvolt was part of EF's second Berlin cohort between Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

Powerfox is one of the leading manufacturers of smart meters in Germany. We are proud to be partners with them in exploring ways to extract value from smart meter data



rvolt is the winner of Deloitte NL 'Future of Energy' Challenge. It was invited to pitch at the opening of Garage, an innovation space at the heart of Amsterdam.

Deloitte Netherlands

Out of 450 applicants from 80 countries, we have made the 2019
#SET100 list of 100 most innovating startups worldwide having the largest impact on sustainable development. Looking forward to showcasing at the @WECongress in Abu Dhabi and putting innovation at the forefront

SET 100

Our team

Quirin Blendl


Tech-prone strategist and ambitious leader. Last employment as digital strategist for TÜV and several years for BDI

Ashish Bagri


Artificial-Intelligence mastermind and Big Data architect. Spent 8+ years building AI products

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